[x3d-public] combine light scoping with rotation

Andreas Plesch andreasplesch at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 20:56:30 PDT 2015

> snip

> > Perhaps light scope would need to be defined more flexibly than the
> > global field allows. I could see a "scope" field which defaults to
> > 'global' and otherwise contains the DEF of a group to which the light
> > should be applied. Would this interfere with some default logic of
> > scene traversal ?
> That's interesting, may lead to some ideas, but has a gotcha: the
> transform stack above the DEF is needed too in order to pose the light

Yes, the full transform stack affecting the group to be illuminated by the
scoped light needs to be known to actually produce the correct rendering. I
am rephrasing to make sure I understand. If I do, I am not sure where the
gotcha is. Is something not well defined ? Or is it a potentially
prohibitive difficulty in implementation ?

There may be other ways to define a separation of the light scope from the
lights position in the grouping and therefore transform hierarchy but I
cannot think of one. Some wilder ideas are to use the routing concept ?
"route" a light to a group ? Or have a separate hierarchy just for scoped
lighting ?

Q. would it work to rotate the parent instead of the light, then
> counter-rotate the shape sibling so as to nullify the shape being rotated??

Like this ?

<Transform rotation='rot'>
  <dLight direction='0 0 1' />
  <Transform rotation='counter_rot'>
    <Shape DEF='illuminated'>
<Group DEF='not illuminated'>

Yes, I think that would work in principle. How do you get the
counter-rotation of the rotation output of a SphereSensor within x3d ? With
a x3d script which negates the amount of rotation but retains the axis ?
[To counter a GeoLocation transform a more general inverse of a full
transformation matrix needs to be derived since both translation and
rotation is involved.]
While this would work, it feels to me more like a work around than a proper

Or would having a transform around the shape cause the light to not find
> its local geometry in the browser of your choice?

The browser I am mostly interested in is x3dom but the choice should not
matter too much. x3dom does not support light scoping and x3d scripting.

> Do you have a sample scene?

I wanted to use light scoping here:


in order to quickly compare the effects of different kinds of shading.

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