[x3d-public] VRML 97 basic test files

Jan Danek Danek at humusoft.cz
Wed Jul 29 06:58:25 PDT 2015

Hi John,

This is Jan, one of the Simulink 3D Animation developers.

You can have a look at:

- Examples for Simulink 3D Animation in MATLAB
- Template objects in Simulink 3D Animation 3D World Editor
- http://www.orbisnap.com/gallery.html

(Orbisnap, a free viewer which you can use to quickly go through VRML files,  
comes also with Simulink 3D Animation - look in the /orbisnap subdirectory - 
you don't have to download it separately from the above site.)

If you have problems with some particular VRML97 files, or want advice on 
using Simulink 3D Animation in general, please let me know directly.

All the best,


On 27 Jul 2015 at 16:17, John Richardson wrote:

    Testing Labview and MATLAB.
    Having trouble finding VRML 97 WRL files that load.
    Any test sets [VRML 97 only, not X3D translations or really cool stuff]. Just 
    simple stuff on the Web3D consortium web site.

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