[x3d-public] External prototypes

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Thu Mar 12 11:08:52 PDT 2015

Nice to see you discussing external prototypes :)

>From the perspective of a user of X3D, I did my own workaround for initialization of nested external prototypes.

With this workaround, the master scene gets informed, when all external prototypes have been loaded and are ready to receive events in their inner script nodes -> then the master scene sends a "basic initialization" event to all external prototypes (instances).


I called it "basic initialization", as opposed to "Web3D initialization" (initialize() method of the script nodes).

It works
   a) when the inner proto-instance gets initialized before the routing with the parent scene is setup
   b) when the parent scene gets initialized before the inner proto-instance is ready to receive events
   c) when the parent scene and the inner proto-instance are initialized at the same time instance
        (synchronous loading from a local disk drive)
   d) with nested prototypes in all cases a) - c)

I tested it with BS Contact and Instant Player, it was not necessary for Octaga Player, because this had a configuration option to "wait for all resources".


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