[x3d-public] Minutes from today's X3D meeting on JSON

Leonard Daly web3d at realism.com
Tue Mar 31 12:53:35 PDT 2015

There was a revision in the comments by Cecile Muller during the 
meeting. The comments have been revised in this version of the minutes.

The next meeting on JSON is scheduled for 8 April 2015 at 8AM PDT 
(GMT-0700). If you are interested in attending, please reply directly to 
me and I will send you the conference call information. The agenda for 
the meeting on 8 April will be very much like the agenda for this 
meeting. If you have a JSON topic that you would like to discuss during 
the meeting, please email me. A meeting agenda will be sent out on 6 April.

*X3D Working Group Meeting*

*Wednesday, 2015-03-11*

*  *

*  *

*Attendees:*  Leonard Daly, John Carlson, Roy Walmsley, Cecile Muller, Dick Puk, Anita Havele, Don Brutzman, Nicholas Polys (late)**

Topic:*Open Discussion on JSON Encoding*

/Meeting started at 8:06/

1.Introductions (All)

2.Statement of current encoding [5 minutes]




all thread messages in March 2015.

2.2.Effort requires lots of good people working together.

2.3.Attempting to add another isomorphic encoding (JSON)

2.4.Explicitly defining every field or use “inherent” information

2.5.Douglas Crockford’s book was very important to the latest revision




2.6.Comments are not allowed within JSON. Need to construct containers 
(objects) to hold them to support isomorphic translation to other encodings.

2.7.Array vs. singleton – still an open problem

2.7.1.Currently load XML into memory

2.7.2.Inspect for multiple elements at a single level

2.7.3.Open issue for memory-limited parsers

3.Discussion of issues relating to (2) [25 minutes]

3.1.John’s comments

3.1.1.Use X3DOM, d3.js together

3.1.2.Able to create converter back to X3D

3.1.3.Issue with handling of default values, specifically defaultColor

3.1.4.Working on bijective transformations on all various encodings

3.1.5.Need to resolve inclusion or exclusion of X3D default values to X3D encoding – probably not in non-X3D environment – probably needed

3.2.Cecile’s comments

3.2.1.Make it like VRML, but in JSON

3.2.2.Customers prefer JSON because it is “easier” to work with 
(probably easier to read over XML). V2 (VRML) is still first choice V3 binary is second for reduced file size V3 XML encoding rarely used

3.2.3.Issue with PROTOs and scripts

3.3.Comments in X3D

3.3.1.JSON does not handle internal comments

3.3.2.X3D comments are at the top level are easy to handle

3.3.3.Internal (between fields, nodes, etc.) have issues

3.3.4.Necessary to have comments to support isomorphic transformations

4.Discussion of possible solutions [15 minutes]

4.1.Need to compare to Collada JSON

/Meeting ended at 9:07/


*Leonard Daly*
X3D Co-Chair
Cloud Consultant
President, Daly Realism - /Creating the Future/
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