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No, but one idea popped to mind, for the Generic Editor Framework concept^. If on the scengraph you try and drag an object from X3D to collada or vice-versa, instead of it being impossible, perhaps a converter such as assimp could attempt to convert, so you can drag across format boundaries.
>> But, as you have already told, you will still need an 3D modelling
>> program like Blender or even Maya to create your desired 3D objects.
> One fuzzy idea is a framework for editing, that takes plugins for each 'content/context type'.
> Then allows you to recurse into sub-contexts of same or different context type, (and pop back out).
> For example lets say you have a cityGML or KML scene, and some nodes in the scene are VRML/x3d. You pick that node, and hit a button to push that content/context type editor -and that node - onto a stack. You may get to choose between optional editors for that context/content type. Your menus change in response. Lets say you are in vrml/X3D. And lets say you want to edit an ImageTexture image. You do something similar there and get an image editor. Then pop back out. Similarly with a geometry node.
> Q0. would it be useful?
> Q1. Has someone already done this?
> Q2. what's a good name for it?
> Q3. what would the plugin api need to expose?
> Q4. what technology / computer language would/should it be in?
> Q5. if its done for editing, could something analogous be done for rendering?
> -Doug

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> Subject: [x3d-public] Open Asset Import Library download | SourceForge.net
> Wondering if anyone has worked with assimp?
> Open Asset Import Library
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/assimp
> http://assimp.sourceforge.net
> Description: "Importer library to import assets from different common 3D file formats such as Collada, Blend, Obj, X, 3DS, LWO, MD5, MD2, MD3, MDL, MS3D and a lot of other formats. The data is stored in an own in-memory data-format, which can be easily processed.
> http://www.open3mod.com is a 3D model viewer and exporter based on Assimp that is also Open Source."
> Gee anyone want to adapt a loader to also handle X3D?
> http://assimp.sourceforge.net/main_features_formats.html
> We probably should create a list of possible projects and goals that have potential to offer shared value for everyone.
> all the best, Don
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