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Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Sun May 24 22:52:19 PDT 2015

Thanks for looking at this John, and for comments Doug & Max.

I would think that either Interchange Profile would be a good start.

Looking through existing assimp converters to see which might best be adapted would seem to be smart.

Potentially with a little planning, anyone who pursues this might structure it to work for either ClassicVRML or XML encoding.

Found this thread about assimp and vrml on their forums.  Some people offered consulting services.

XML syntax might be a faster way in, if another XML-based format was used.  Several are listed here:

	Importer-specific notes

I've started a Projects Wish List page where we might list more things like this.  Initial ideas discussed during the VR Hackathon.  Additions and improvements welome!


all the best, Don
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