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According to the standard X3D is case-sensitive
(9th paragraph)
(6th paragraph)
Compressed Binary: Use XML as an intermediate step so those rules apply.

That does not mean that browser hard-enforce that requirement.

The X3DOM browser is not case sensitive because HTML tags are not (in 
HTML5), though there is a very strong preference for lower case (even in 
compound words - e.g., onclick).

In the non-HTML environment, case sensitivity should apply to nodes, 
fields, and keywords (e.g., DEF, USE, IS, etc.)

Leonard Daly

> Judging from the behaviour of the octaga and freewrl x3d browsers, 
> node names and (most?) field names are case insensitive although there 
> is a preferred form.
> Key words such as ROUTE (and perhaps IMPORT/EXPORT and others) as well 
> as DEF and USE (key word or field name?) are, however, case sensitive, 
> eg. need to be in all capitals.
> There is probably a section in the standard which spells this out ?
> Probably the intention is to improve human readability. But if so one 
> could imagine stricter rules for capitalization in general and even 
> formatting. And ALL CAPITALS is often considered harmful for 
> readability. Is there another line of reasoning ? So enforcing case 
> sensitivity in some parts of a x3d xml encoded file but not others 
> does seem somewhat arbitrary.
> I ran into this because a nice x3d generator (Andy Yeh's impressive 
> online logo system) did not quite get the capitalization conforming 
> (now fixed) which I thought was very understandable.
> Case sensitivity might play a role in the json effort as well.
> Andreas
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