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Thanks for your summary. I'm pleased you solved your problem. The final animation looks great.


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Many thanks for the assistance and suggestions on this matter.

I have solved my problem, but first a clarification on the files previously attached. Unfortunately I had used a text editor to make some quick adjustments to the previously validated files sent, but without revalidating them. Hence some of the errors. However, even after correction my issue with frozen or absent moving lines remained
-- even with the variants that worked partially. My trial with Leonard's suggestions may have completely frozen for that reason, but I suspect (as I indicated) that there were other errors in my use of the timers as he indicated.

My working solution was simply to duplicate all shapes moving simultaneously in different directions. This meant I duplicated the 12 cylinders constituting the cube  -- modifying there DEFs (with an appended "g", and changing the relevant ROUTE toNode. I used a single Timesensor.

The result is that the lines can move simultaneously in different directions. This might give a smoother result than the staggered timing suggested by Leonard.

I attach the file since the final animation is quite interesting and the duplication ("ghosting") of the lines is not apparent. The technique could of course be used to have a static line remain in its cube position by having 3 copies instead of 2 and not translating one of them

However, that said, the result is not in itself interesting with respect to my original concern with possible clever use of the Timesensor, stopTime, startTime, ROUTE combinations. This remains beyond my grasp and a working example, perhaps adapted from the attached case, would be of interest to other novices

Thanks again


Anthony Judge
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