[x3d-public] [Ann] Bitmanagement: New update of BS Content Studio Tool for X3D and X3DOM

Peter Schickel peter.schickel at bitmanagement.com
Mon Sep 14 05:58:00 PDT 2015

Dear all,

thanks to all those who have sent us their feedback about our new 3D 
tool. Based on your word we have introduced new feature sets.
Here is our update for you today:


If you do not have the latest version of BS Content Studio already just 
start the older version of BS Content Studio and update in background. 
After the download you can restart BS Content Studio to install the new 
version. If you are not able to receive the update please download the 
new version of BS Content Studio from our download center on our 
website.Download Center <http://www.bitmanagement.de/en/download>

Below you can find a small overview of some of the changes in the latest 
version of BS Content Studio.
Latest release notes for your 

Best regards,

Peter Schickel


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