[x3d-public] Goals for V4

Leonard Daly web3d at realism.com
Mon Sep 14 17:17:55 PDT 2015

I have been developing several ideas for X3D V4 to align X3D with 
current development practice while maintaining important links to the 
past. I have posted my goals for my work at 
http://realism.com/blog/declaractive-3d-goals (also listed below). There 
is public comment capability at 

 1. Very long life to support physical objects with long lifespans
    (e.g., industrial & transportation facilities)
 2. Runs directly in browser without the need for plug-ins
 3. Not required to run in a browser
 4. Compatible with existing X3D V3.3 standard
    Note that this does not require full backwards compatibility; but
    the ability to handle pre V4 content, perhaps with a converter.
 5. Allows for creation, storage, and use of content in a manner
    consistent with current and anticipated future practices
 6. Runs on as wide of variety as possible of devices capable of
    displaying 3D content

*Leonard Daly*
X3D Co-Chair
Cloud Consultant
President, Daly Realism - /Creating the Future/
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