[x3d-public] Export from X3D Edit to VRML -- file selection issue

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Interesting approach. So I imported into X3D the WRL which I had
previously exported from the X3D copied to you

I made a mistake in the process. Redid the import a second time and
made an odd mistake, when requested for a save name I mistyped the
file association as "y3d"

It provided a validation -- before saving (as x3d) -- indicating what
you had found:

[DefParserOutput.error] [Node] [Error] invalid field name ROUTE at line 727
ignoring remaining fields of node Transform
[DefParserOutput.error] node == null, ignored
*** Parsing time (ms): 84
=== writing x3d data  ===
=== finished ===

However the x3d had lost its animation.

I then repeated the input from the WRL for a third time

It worked correctly, except that I had lost the editor toolbar with
the validation icons. So I used the Schematron validation and got a
swathe of error msgs of this type:

Performing X3D Schematron check...
<X3D profile='Immersive'> is defined, but nodes in scene have actual
profile='Interchange' [/X3D, info]
<X3D profile='Immersive'> is defined, but nodes in scene have actual
profile='Interactive', ensure <X3D><head><component> statements are
sufficient to provide coverage [/X3D, info]
Update all meta tag(s) with content='*enter new value...'[/X3D/head, warning]
<meta name='image' content='*enter image filename/url here*'/>
capitalization mismatch, use keyword name='Image' [/X3D/head/meta[14],
<meta name='warning' content='*insert any known warnings, bugs or
errors here*'/>[/X3D/head/meta[19], diagnostic]
<Scene DEF=''/> Root nodes of Scene can only be Grouping nodes or
LayerSet [/X3D/Scene, error]
<PositionInterpolator DEF='CYL2'/> is missing ROUTE to receive input
events [/X3D/Scene/Transform/PositionInterpolator[1],

--------- Validation checks complete for X301_M_new.x3d ---------

I then hunted some more and retriggered the editor toolbar with the
validation icons and got:

XML validation started.
Checking file:/C:/laetusa/docs10s/images/polynest_files/drilled/X301_M_new.x3d...
Referenced entity at
XML validation finished.

No errors. But when I attempted to view it in H3DViewer, all the
animation had been stripped. Just got a plain cube (attached).

I checked back on the original file (as shared with you). Animation OK
with H3DViewer both of the X3D and WRL.

My experience with a multitude of such files generated by me by
program, is that I have no problem with the regular X3D validation and
viewing it with H3DViewer. The WRL version exported from that file
also looks fine in Cortona..

Your approach is however interesting. Importing VRML, saving,
exporting to VRML, and re-importing. Clearly the import was not
designed for such a process !


On 24/09/2015, Roy Walmsley <roy.walmsley at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Tony,
> Thanks for your response, and the WRL file. I proceeded as follows.
> I loaded your WRL file into my own viewer directly. There were no error
> messages. The animation looked great!
> I then went into X3D-Edit and imported your file. X3D-Edit reported as
> follows:
> 		[DefParserOutput.error] [Node] [Error] invalid field name ROUTE at line
> 727
> 		ignoring remaining fields of node Transform
> 		[DefParserOutput.error] node == null, ignored
> I looked at the scene using the built-in viewer, and there was just the
> static cube, no animation.
> I then opened the X3D file in my own viewer. Again, just the static cube.
> I then looked at the text for both the X3D and the WRL. In the former case
> there were no ROUTEs. Hence the static cube. I noted that the line number
> given by the error message was 727. Your file only had 686 lines, with the
> first ROUTE at line 627.
> This seems to indicate that there are some serious issues with the
> X3D-Editor code, or my installation.
> The only other thing I can say is that I don't have an X3D-Edit installation
> per se. I have checked out the code base from the SourceForge repository. I
> load the code directly into NetBeans, and then 'Build' and 'Run' the project
> which automatically launches X3D-Edit within NetBeans. Furthermore, I have
> no familiarity with the code.
> Are you able to import the WRL file correctly?
> Roy
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> Roy
> Many thanks for considering the issue.
> The X3D  is attached. It corresponds to the example previously shared,
> although it has been regenerated by program with revised meta-data.
> My experience today went through several stages. I have been viewing
> multiple generated variants of such files using H3DViewer with no problem.
> It so happens it was generated with the file association in caps. I assumed
> this might possibly be an issue in X3D Edit, so I switched to lower case.
> This changed nothing, as one might expect. I removed all other opened files,
> relaunched X3D Edit. No change.
> Worried, I then opened a file I had previously saved to VRML. It exported
> correctly -- without presenting the (useless) selection window. I then
> reverted to the attached file and it exported correctly. So, as I said,
> somehow the system gets locked into a mode from which I cannot escape. Is
> there an "edit" mode which is locked in some way?
> With respect to the Palette case. I long ago remarked (on this list
> that) that  the menu features were obscure with respect to triggering the
> Palette window. The Tools menu has a Palette item which in my case reads
> .HTML/JSP Code clips whose contents (HTML/HTML Forms) seem unrelated to what
> is triggered on the right (when it works) -- although some item therein may
> enable such triggering. However the menu icon for New X3D scene draft opens
> a new draft -- and triggers the Palette which I cannot access from a file
> previously validated and saved. I find that icon obscure in relation to the
> very valuable set of code tips. Using it I end up with multiple new drafts
> opened, to be closed without saving. Why not an icon to trigger the Palette
> facility
> in any edit mode? This    may exist but be obscure.
> With respect to the Viewpoint Calculator, I copied code accessed via a new
> draft/palette into a file like that attached. When saved and viewed, after
> validation,  the facility did not appear to be usefully triggered --
> although the console displayed a series of messages. My assumption was that
> a module called from the Calculator was not being accessed correctly (or at
> all).
> I then reviewed the installation, being unwilling (at this time) to
> reinstall in the midst of a work process, for fear of losing my ability to
> complete a whole series of X3D/WRL models.
> I remain puzzled by the install and its relation to the Netbeans platform
> (which I do not use, although having gone through some kind of install).
> I enclose two screen shots of the install location. One focuses on X3D and
> the other on Netbeans.  Maybe it is partially working in some obscure way.
> But -- as the saying goes -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
> As I previously reported with respect to resource overload on a 600k model
> -- I  now  do a lot of editing with a text editor -- using X3D Edit
> primarily for validation and VRML export. However reading the Readme, the
> complexities of configuring the memory rather confirm me in avoiding
> applying my ignorance to improving the installation as it stands, especially
> since the updates are reported as being correctly done -- whether or not
> they are fully "applied". It may be a question of a path
> I hope this information is of some use.
> Best regards
> Tony
> On 24/09/2015, Roy Walmsley <roy.walmsley at ntlworld.com> wrote:
>> Tony,
>> I know from our previous correspondence that you are unable to get to
>> the palette window. This suggests you are having some installation
>> issues.
>> We could try to assess if your current problem is related by
>> reproduction.
>> If you were willing to send me the same file that you illustrated
>> (X301_M.X3D), along with a summary of the steps you took that led to
>> the issue, then I will try it out on my system, and report back to you.
>> I agree with you that there should be version information in the
>> Help/About menu. This would definitely help. That I will raise at the
>> next opportunity.
>> Roy
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>> Subject: [x3d-public] Export from X3D Edit to VRML -- file selection
>> issue
>> I have had problems exporting from X3D Edit into VRML.
>> Under some conditions a message now appears requesting file selection
>> (attached) even though the relevant file is open (and has been
>> validated). I cannot type in that window.
>> If there are several files open, a selection may appear in that
>> window, not including the one that is open . I do not have access to
>> any via the window
>> I remain puzzled at whether the version is current in practice, even
>> though the indication is that all updates are current (11 Sept 2015).
>> How to tell whether they have been "applied" even though "downloaded"
>> -- there is seemingly no version number via the Help menu
>> One related concern is my inability to gain access to the Viewpoint
>> Calculator, even though I can get tantalizing images of the relevant
>> window in the documentation. This may relate to whether this is
>> dependent on te Netbeans platform -- and confusion over how it is
>> installed
>> Tony
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