[x3d-public] Holger, please change Cobweb page to include something like this:

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 22:37:34 PST 2016

    Thanks to Andreas Plesch.  Holger, could you add something like this to the Cobweb page to document how to build xml on the fly and submit it to Cobweb for viewing?  Thanks, John
For an frame outside an iframe, xml being an array of strings.
       var content = xml.join("");
    var cobwebWindow = document.getElementById("cobwebframe").contentWindow ;
    var cobwebEle = cobwebWindow.document.getElementById("x3dele");
    if (typeof cobwebWindow.X3D !== 'undefined') {
            var browser = cobwebWindow.X3D.getBrowser(cobwebEle);
            // etc.

and something else for loading inside the same document (which I can get from Andreas, I think).

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