[x3d-public] Call to Progress on X3D V4

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 08:31:29 PST 2016

One thing I’d like to see in X3D V4:

A layout similar to <div style=“display:table”><div style=“display:table-row”><div style=“display:table-cell"> … but with a 4 dimensions (think rubik’s cube).

The real interface visualizer http://freecode.com/projects/realinterfacesvisualizer <http://freecode.com/projects/realinterfacesvisualizer> had such a thing.  But I think the source code is no longer available.  I assume IBM has a patent.

I don’t think they got to a 4th dimension (animation).

Does anyone have a rubik’s cube implemented a declarative web based language?

I’ve been told Layer/LayerSet implements this.  Has anyone used this?  I’m going to try it in Cobweb soon.  Is Layer/LayerSet as flexible as <div>s?

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