[x3d-public] Extrusions, take 3

Eric Maranne eric at geovrml.com
Thu Jan 28 02:16:11 PST 2016

you may use Herbert Stocker Arrow proto too, enabling a From->To 
positions arrow (or cylinder) drawing.

WorldInfo of the proto:
     title "Copyright (C) 2002 by Herbert Stocker (AKA hersto)"

"       The original versions of the PROTO Arrow was written
         by me, Herbert Stocker.

         The original versions and some test and demonstration Worlds
         can be found at http://www.hersto.de/ .

"       You can use and modify the PROTO in this file if you keep the
         credit information valid and if you don't remove the link to
         the originating site http://www.hersto.de/ .

         In brief, keep this WorldInfo node along with the Proto.

"       Please send a message to hersto at hersto.de where you describe
         how you use or improved the nodes. Especially if you included
         the improved versions.
Le 27/01/2016 18:08, doug sanden a écrit :
> > Doing it with a transform hierarchy on a regular cylinder sounds 
> awkward.
> > I would need a clever little script for that.
> http://dug9.users.sourceforge.net/web3d/tests/sensors/x3dconnector.x3d
> - no spline -uses transforms and clever script- connects 2 dragsensor 
> spheres with a cylinder
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