[x3d-public] What should this file display (for the experts)?

Vincent Marchetti vmarchetti at ameritech.net
Tue May 31 08:06:59 PDT 2016

I am not an expert in the PROTO-X side of X3d, but to me it looks like the correct rendering would be 3 green cubes lined up along the x axis. This is what InstantPlayer shows after I capitalized the names of the Proto related nodes ( anyShape --> AnyShape ; three --> Three ). I don't know if this is a requirement of the standard, but the error messages in the InstantPlayer console indicated that the original naming generated warnings.

I have attached a copy of the file with the new names.

I still, however, see three cylinders in BS Contact and in view3dscene. The rendering of three cylinders to me indicates that the myShape field of the ProtoInstance node
is not being set to the green box as declared in the ProtoInstance node, but is falling back to the default cylinder as specified in the 'three' ProtoDeclare node.

I note the Xj3D is not rendering anything, and one feature of the Xj3D is that it demands close compliance to the standard. However, I cannot get the validator to run in the X3D-Edit Netbeans plugin, and the online validator appears to be offline right now. It is plausible that a naming or syntax error is preventing some browsers from instantiating the Protoinstance as intended, while InstantReality was written to accept some errors and in this case got it 'right'

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> On May 30, 2016, at 5:16 PM, John Carlson <yottzumm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Quick question.  This isn?t supposed to display both cylinders and cubes is it (addChildren does that?).
> Thanks,
> John
>> On May 28, 2016, at 5:00 PM, John Carlson <yottzumm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> X3D experts:  What should this file display?  Various browsers give different results. What is the official response?  This would be a good example for an X3D test for students!  I am writing a prototype expander, and I?m trying to nail down expected behavior.
>> Don, this file may be contributed to the example archives.
>> Thanks,
>> John<questionforexperts.x3d>
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