[x3d-public] V4.0 Open discussion/workshop on X3D HTML integration

Roy Walmsley roy.walmsley at ntlworld.com
Tue May 31 15:40:23 PDT 2016

X3D HTML integration


X3D V4.0 Open discussion/workshop


June 8st 2016 at 1500-1700 UTC (0800-1000  PDT, 1500-1700 GMT, 1700-1900


A discussion/workshop on version 4.0 of X3D which aims to consider the
following questions, and suggest potential solutions.


.         What level of X3D integration into HTML5 do we want?

o   Do we want to be fully integrated like SVG?

.         Do we want/need a DOM spec? If so:

o   Which DOM version should it be based on?

o   Do we want to fully support all DOM/HTML features?

.         Do we want to maximize the backwards compatibility of V4.0 with
V3.3? Or break away completely?

o   Do we want to retain SAI?

.         What features do we want? For example,

o   How is animation to be handled? The X3D way of TimeSensor and ROUTEs, or
an HTML way, such as CSS3 animations, or else JavaScript?

o   How is user interaction to be handled? The X3D way of Sensors, or the
HTML way with event handlers?

o   Do we need any different nodes? One example might be a mesh node?

o   Do we want Scripts and Prototypes in HTML5?

o   How do we want to handle styling?

.         What profile(s) do we need for HTML?


The discussion/workshop will be held on the Web3D teleconference line. It is
open to anyone interested in X3D. Please e-mail roy.walmsley at ntlworld.com or
brutzman at nps.edu for teleconference details.


If you can't join in the discussion, but would still like to contribute to
the debate, your comments would be welcomed on the X3D public mailing list
at x3d-public at web3d.org.


Roy Walmsley

X3D WG Co-chair

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