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Doug and Leonard,


Yes. I agree. I have now submitted a specification comment and created a
Mantis issue (number 978) for this.


Great catch, Doug. Thank you.






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On 9/3/2016 10:30 AM, doug sanden wrote:

"right-handed coordinate system"
should read
"left-handed coordinate system"

Doug, this is a good catch.

The text specifies right-handed coordinate system; however, the references
for the coordinate system in Figure 33.1 and text in 33.2.3 that it is
left-handed. A RHS would be (r,s,t), but the text indicates that the
coordinate system is (s,t,r). It appears that the image plane coordinates
are (s,t) and R is the plane layer. The diagram appears to be logically
correct implying a LHS, but that is not consistent with the general use of
RHS throughout X3D.

Leonard Daly
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