[x3d-public] Using X3D Object Model XSD and tools outside of X3D

yottzumm at gmail.com yottzumm at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 18:11:01 PDT 2016

What is the potential for using the X3D Object Model XSD, “schema” XML and tools to generate an Object Model and related APIs outside of the context of X3D?  I already sent Don and Roy a skype message.  Currently, we are using swagger.io, but I would like to start from an XML or JSON context instead of a YAML context, so translation or another tool is indicated.  Is there a good tool to translate XML Schema or XML Object Model to swagger YAML, and thus providing the way for a REST API and other artifacts in many languages, without having to write XSLT for all of them?

Also, I am interested in generating SQL or NoSQL (ElasticSearch) Schema from the Object Model.

Just trying to feel out the domain of autogeneration again after years of being away (23 years).


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