[x3d-public] Opinions on Use of glTF Files

Leonard Daly web3d at realism.com
Wed Sep 21 08:51:31 PDT 2016

I would like the opinion of the readers of these lists for the following.

A variant of Fraunhofer's SRC format has been standardized as glTF. It 
is a very minor difference from the SRC that is supported by X3DOM. 
X3DOM uses the node ExternalGeometry (see http://x3dom.org/src/ and 
http://doc.x3dom.org/author/Geometry3D/ExternalGeometry.html) in the 
Geometry3D component. This node fits in as the 'geometry' child of the 
Shape node.

SRC includes texture (optional), so it may be better as a replacement 
for the Shape node 

The two questions I have for these groups are:

1) What is the correct (or better) structure for support of glTF -- as 
the 'geometry' field or as a Shape node?

2) If the better location is as a Shape node, what is your opinion of 
adding a URL field. If this field is present, then all other children 
would be ignored and the specified content downloaded and used for 
geometry and texture (if present)?

*Leonard Daly*
X3D Co-Chair
Cloud Consultant
President, Daly Realism - /Creating the Future/
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