[x3d-public] Using X3D Object Model XSD and tools outside of X3D

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Thu Sep 22 17:43:28 PDT 2016

Okay, I’ve been looking into it some more and it looks like an autogenerated X3D JSON schema would help with generating the models for my API (the schema appears to be very similar to the models).  So I’m going to take the X3D XML Schema and try to produce the X3D JSON Schema (or a model like the OpenAPI Specification has).  After that, I will have to generate resources, codes, etc. in the REST protocol from the Java API example, if it is available.  I know Roy has generation of the X3D JSON Schema in mind, but with a little Java work, I may be able to leapfrog him.  Of course, if I run into any difficulty, I will come running.

Any comments on SOA versus REST?  I was considering REST with XPATH resources.

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