[x3d-public] [x3d] Spec Comment - HAnimJoint not allowing Transform as child

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Sat Sep 24 10:52:21 PDT 2016

[adding H-Anim and public list because this has to do with H-Anim usage]

Comment on 19775-1: Abstract X3D Definitions - V3.3
26.3.3 HAnimJoint

Subject: HAnimJoint not allowing Transform as child

HAnimJoint in X3D specification says
     MFNode     [in,out] children         []

Authoritative reference is H-Anim specification:
4.4 Joint object
6.3 Joint

which includes:
     interface Joint {
        sequence   children         []

but does not specifically exclude anything in this children field.

A common authoring task might be to place geometry for visualizing a joint
within a Transform, Group and/or Shape node within each HAnimJointNode.

Example scene:

Preferred signature for HAnimJoint in X3D specification:

     MFNode     [in,out] children         []

Submitted on Saturday, 2016,  September 24 - 9:08am
by brutzman (brutzman )

See: http://www.web3d.org/node/1694/submission/934

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