[x3d-public] BVH to X3D import working

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 9 10:32:14 PST 2017

Good to see, Don, if I can extract an original input and converted 
files, just timer-interpolators-routes is OK since I have a skeleton 
to work with.

Please look at these two old ones, both using same 1Jin skeleton.
One uses original 1Jin dance and kick animations
One uses a set of 'standard' animations.

1Jin_new20130730.x3d uses the 'std' anims
1Jin_new20130730bvhjoe.x3d uses original mocap animations

There is a reason that the 'standard' anims root position does not 
work as expected and also that the original anims are offest from 
skeleton 0 0 0.

Please recall these 'standard'  walk and run animations are derived 
from old examples such as Nancy and Boxman.

Good work on the degrees to radians conversion steps.
Always fun to apply some pi to it.

Still wondering about that zxy to xyz order change from euler to 
Does 'fixed' really mean 'fixed' in this conversion context?

Clearly you are right at the bloodied edge of this, given an 
entry-level capture model and capture data encoding techniques of 
long, even ancient use. Your work here will help give the Humanoid 
Animation 'standard' skeleton access to animations from a wide range 
of mocap archives populated by data from a wide diversity of motion 
capture sources.

Most times, we will find that the capture architecture is of secondary 
importance because the animations finally must be deployed using a 
'standard' skeleton. One reason we favor a 'standard' skeleton is the 
consistent upgrades allowed by h-anim LOA0-4 structure.

I don't think the capture skeleton you are showing is any existing 
LOA. The connection between the spine and shoulders is different, am I 

I think this is a very common skeletal structure and maybe should be 
considered as a 'starter'  h-anim skeleton.

That skeleton walking seems to have a little hitch in the getalong, 
easy to pick out in a crowd.

Thanks and Best,


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Subject: [x3d-public] BVH to X3D import working

> Am happy to report that, after much effort, new Java source code for 
> BVH motion capture (MOCAP) to X3D import appears to be working 
> satisfactorily.
> Key issues to sort out:
> - figuring out what a BVH file is really indicating,
> -getting the H-Anim skeleton visualization in the X3D scene 
> organized correctly,
> - converting degrees to radians in the motion data, prior to 
> converting Euler angles to SFRotation, and
> - many repeatable details that make perfect sense when correctly 
> applied.
> Significant assets that helped included:
> - Embedding lots of information diagnostics in X3D scene comments
>    ("when the going gets tough, the tough get verbose")
> - HAnim BVH conversion results from Suwon University
> - BVH import, HAnim X3D export capabilities by Seamless3D 
> http://www.seamless3d.com
> - Continuing improvements to X3D Tooltips for HAnim nodes
>   http://www.web3d.org/x3d/tooltips/X3dTooltips.html
> - Continuing improvements to X3D Validator
>   https://savage.nps.edu/X3dValidator
> - Have started a section listing assets for MOCAP and BVH in the X3D 
> Scene Authoring Hints
> http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/X3dSceneAuthoringHints.html#MOCAP
> Special thanks to Joe Williams, Myeong Won Lee and Roy Walmsley for 
> diagnostic assistance.
> =======================================================================================
> Example conversions are online at
> X3D Example Archives: X3D for Advanced Modeling, Humanoid Animation
> http://x3dgraphics.com/examples/X3dForAdvancedModeling/HumanoidAnimation
> Two versions are produced by the exporter, the primary of which has 
> sphere and line visualization:
> http://x3dgraphics.com/examples/X3dForAdvancedModeling/HumanoidAnimation/BvhConversion1Index.html
> http://x3dgraphics.com/examples/X3dForAdvancedModeling/HumanoidAnimation/BvhConversion1.png
> http://x3dgraphics.com/examples/X3dForAdvancedModeling/HumanoidAnimation/BvhConversion1.mp4
> http://x3dgraphics.com/examples/X3dForAdvancedModeling/HumanoidAnimation/BvhConversion1.x3d
> using MOCAP test case
> http://x3dgraphics.com/examples/X3dForAdvancedModeling/HumanoidAnimation/1.bvh
> Upcoming work:
> - 2017 initial release of X3D-Edit including this capability is 
> forthcoming, TBA.
>   https://savage.nps.edu/X3D-Edit
> - Adding further H-Anim Skin examples from Joe to regular HAnim 
> archives,
>   http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/Basic/HumanoidAnimation
> - HAnim sessions at Web3D Korea Chapter meeting in Seoul next week,
>   http://www.web3d.org/event/web3d-korea-chapter-meeting-2017
>   https://twitter.com/Web3DConsortium/status/818450446893215745
> - Adapting these importer classes to open-source X3D Java SAI 
> Library,
> http://www.web3d.org/specifications/java/X3dJavaSceneAuthoringInterface.html
> - Further testing of BVH model import/export on other mocap files.
> Java source is available under an open-source license in version 
> control at
> https://svn.code.sf.net/p/x3d/code/www.web3d.org/x3d/tools/X3dEdit3.3/X3D/src/org/web3d/x3d/hanim/bvh/
> https://svn.code.sf.net/p/x3d/code/www.web3d.org/x3d/tools/X3dEdit3.3/X3D/src/org/web3d/x3d/actions/conversions/BvhToX3dConversionAction.java
> =======================================================================================
> Recent feature: created an alias table that matched common names 
> (such as those found in 1.bvh example) to Level of Articulation 
> (LOA-1) humanoid Joint and Segment names found in the H-Anim 
> Specification.
> http://www.web3d.org/documents/specifications/19774-1/V2.0/HAnim/concepts.html#Hierarchy
> The mappings found by the converter are documented in a MetadataSet 
> node.  This appears to be a good convention for the working group to 
> explore further, perhaps documenting other information about the BVH 
> model as well.  If such consistency becomes good practice, then a 
> common ability to read such information will help tools and authors 
> alike.  Excerpt:
> http://x3dgraphics.com/examples/X3dForAdvancedModeling/HumanoidAnimation/BvhConversion1.html#Bvh1_ConversionInformation
> <Group DEF='Bvh1_ConversionInformation'>
>   <!-- 20 BVH JOINT definitions found, following a single HIERARCHY 
> ROOT -->
>   <!-- BVH HIERARCHY model size computations: minX=0.0, maxX=0.0, 
> width=0.0; minY=-17.78, maxY=10.16, height=27.94; minZ=0.0, 
> maxZ=15.24, depth=15.24 -->
>   <!-- Estimated rescaling to meters based on height: 
> scaleFactor=0.0254 for modified height of 0.710m -->
>   <!-- Vertical offset to move bottom of BVH figure to ground plane 
> (adjusted in HAnimJoint containerField='skeleton'): 
> heightOffset=0.451612m -->
>   <MetadataSet name='BvhToHAnimConversionNameTable'>
> <!-- <MetadataString name='bvhName' reference='bvhType' 
> value='"name" "segmentName"'/> -->
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='Hips' reference='ROOT' 
> value='"HumanoidRoot" "sacrum"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftHip' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"l_hip" "l_thigh"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftKnee' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"l_knee" "l_calf"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftAnkle' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"l_ankle" "l_hindfoot"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftAnkleEnd' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"l_midtarsal" "l_middistal"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftAnkleEndSite' 
> reference='Site' value='"l_midtarsal_tip"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightHip' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"r_hip" "r_thigh"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightKnee' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"r_knee" "r_calf"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightAnkle' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"r_ankle" "r_hindfoot"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightAnkleEnd' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"r_midtarsal" "r_middistal"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightAnkleEndSite' 
> reference='Site' value='"r_midtarsal_tip"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='Chest' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"vl5" "l5"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='Chest2' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"Chest2" "vl5_to_Chest2"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftCollar' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"LeftCollar" "Chest2_to_LeftCollar"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftShoulder' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"l_shoulder" "l_upperarm"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftElbow' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"l_elbow" "l_forearm"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftWrist' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"l_wrist" "l_hand"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='LeftWristSite' 
> reference='Site' value='"l_wrist_tip"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightCollar' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"RightCollar" "Chest2_to_RightCollar"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightShoulder' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"r_shoulder" "r_upperarm"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightElbow' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"r_elbow" "r_forearm"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightWrist' 
> reference='JOINT' value='"r_wrist" "r_hand"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='RightWristSite' 
> reference='Site' value='"r_wrist_tip"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='Neck' reference='JOINT' 
> value='"Neck" "Chest2_to_Neck"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='Head' reference='JOINT' 
> value='"skullbase" "skull"'/>
> <MetadataString containerField='value' name='HeadSite' 
> reference='Site' value='"skullbase_tip"'/>
>   </MetadataSet>
> </Group>
> This will be an excellent topic for discussion in the next H-Anim 
> teleconference.
> =======================================================================================
> Continued work on next edition of H-Anim Specifications (for example 
> adding Motion node) seems really important.  It is clear that the 
> BVH format is widely used for MOCAP and poorly/inconsistently 
> documented.  Getting BVH well defined will no doubt help supporting 
> other motion files in X3D as well.
> The Humanoid Animation (H-Anim) Working Group has a lot of important 
> tasks to pursue this year.  It will be great to engage further with 
> the Medical Working Group in order to ensure that all of this work 
> is sufficiently well developed to support correct physiological 
> nomenclature and (one hopes, eventually) formal medical records. 
> Additional synergies for 3D printing and useful metadata are 
> emerging with the CAD Working Group as well.
> http://www.web3d.org/working-groups/humanoid-animation-h-anim
> http://www.web3d.org/working-groups/medical
> http://www.web3d.org/working-groups/computer-aided-design-cad
> Consortium membership and working-group participation are welcome. 
> This is how we together make major progress.
> =======================================================================================
> Have fun with HAnim, BVH and X3D!  8)
> all the best, Don
> -- 
> Don Brutzman  Naval Postgraduate School, Code USW/Br 
> brutzman at nps.edu
> Watkins 270,  MOVES Institute, Monterey CA 93943-5000 USA 
> +1.831.656.2149
> X3D graphics, virtual worlds, navy robotics 
> http://faculty.nps.edu/brutzman
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