[x3d-public] NIST conformance example behaviour

Patrick Dähne patrick.daehne at igd.fraunhofer.de
Sat Jan 21 04:52:34 PST 2017

Hello Andreas,

> I believe that script NavigationInfo node should just USE the NAV1 and bound NavigationInfo node, similar to script SFNode field usage in other examples.
> Are we overlooking something ?

No, you’re right. The NIST conformance test suite on the Web3D page is not the original test suite, it’s a version transformed from the original VRML files to X3D files. And that transformation introduced errors. Have a look at the original version attached to this email. That version exactly does what you say above - it USEs NAV1. Unfortunately, the original NIST test suite is lost - the links are broken. The test case attached to this email comes from https://archive.org/web/.

By the way, even the original test does not conform to the spec - you’re not allowed to DEF/USE bindable nodes (see 7.2.2 Bindable children nodes: „The results are undefined if a multiply instanced (DEF/USE) bindable node is bound.“).


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