[x3d-public] missing banana using VRML v2

Mike McCann mccann at mbari.org
Sun Jun 4 14:26:46 PDT 2017

> On Jun 4, 2017, at 10:54 AM, Patrick Dähne <pdaehne at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Attached is original Cyberbanana by Mark Pesce from 1994 in VRML 1.0, plus a conversion bo VRML 2.0 using Okino Nugraph.
>> Unfortunately the V2 version doesn't appear to be working for me.  Can anyone diagnose and/or fix what is wrong?  TIA.
> There is no light.
> Bye,
> Patrick

Opened in InstantReality Player and pressed ‘H’ for the headlight. Works for me!


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