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I guess my question is, when will we see real integration between HyperText and HyperShape Future and HyperImageAndSound Future (visual and aural media types) on the Web?  Do I need to start writing a browser or a standard?  Will Adobe beat me to the punch?

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During the Web3D 2017 Conference in Brisbane Australia,


the following presentation was given:

        The Future of X3D
        Roy Walmsley and Don Brutzman
        How will the X3D standard adapt to HTML5 and virtual and augmented reality on the web?


Detailed notes

Photograph by Paul Grimm showing off the incredible venue at Queensland University of Technology (qut.edu.au) for Web3D 2017:

These links are maintained on the following key page:

        X3D Version 4

Twitter announcement:

All questions, dialog and insights are welcome.  This presentation distills much effort and hopefully provides a helpful basis for continuing progress.

Thanks for sharing this thoughtful presentation. The sketch of an integrated event model is particularly interesting and I may redraw it in an attempt to learn about its workings.
The sketch is also interesting as it must have come as something of a relief to an audience listening to what must have been the most text heavy presentation at a meeting on 3d graphics ;)


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