[x3d-public] Future of X3D presentation

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 17:34:10 PDT 2017

I agree that preprocessing X3D Script into HTML JavaScript is a very viable path forward for legacy content, though I don't think people will create new content in that manner. Making everything look and act like HTML is the big goal and challenge.


The requirement to use Proxys needs to be very carefully considered. For example Chrome only provides full support in V49 -- Released in March 2016. Many corporate environments lock down their desktops and only slowly make changes. For example, how many computers in the US and UK were hit by the WannaCrypt virus on computers running Windows XP?

If not Proxies, then we will need field (in the DOM) support for scripts, I believe.  How else can we be informed of events happening in JavaScript?  Or do we assume that no events are coming from JavaScript, and assume that the DOM, scenegraph or user will generate events?


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