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Thu Dec 13 15:00:48 PST 2018

From: Andreas Plesch
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➢ Thanks for the xml conversion. I had tried the instantreality
converter but it complained and did not convert. Perhaps the copy and
paste went wrong.

I used it to get the .x3d from the .x3dv. 

➢ Anyways, here is how x3dom plays the attachment:


That is wonderful, thanks. Sorry if I just woke up to what great improvements are happening.
So happy to see x3dom working so well and another browsing tool , especially x3dom, has real skin in the game. 

➢ Let me check how it looks in InstantPlayer or BSContact.

BS works for sure both encodings but I haven’t tried Instant for a while but I just downladed the latest and also will try. 


On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 10:05 PM Joseph D Williams
<joedwil at earthlink.net> wrote:
> http://doc.instantreality.org/tools/x3d_encoding_converter/
> Hi Andreas,
> Yes, please look at the web3d.org resources for other x3d utilities. I tried the instant converter and seemed to work, attached.
>  I usually always work with x3dv because most examples have been in work since vrml hanim.
> Utf8 open in notepad with word wrap off.
> Thanks and Best,
> Joe
> http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/X3dResources.html
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