[x3d-public] glTF in Castle Game Engine / view3dscene

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 18:58:17 PST 2018


I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend X3D teleconference lately. In
exchange, here's a little gift: Castle Game Engine and view3dscene
support now glTF! :)

All the details are in the news post on:



- We support basic glTF features. No animations, no PBR yet. We
support only static models with textures (diffuse and normal map).

- You can open glTF in view3dscene, you can refer to glTF in X3D
Inline/Anchor nodes, you can use view3dscene to convert glTF to X3D.

- A beta build of view3dscene with glTF support included is on
http://michalis.ii.uni.wroc.pl/view3dscene-snapshots/ .

- We use a cool glTF reading library in Pascal: PasGLTF,
https://github.com/BeRo1985/pasgltf/ , by Benjamin Rosseaux. It
supports both text+binary (gltf) and pure binary (glb) formats.

This is of course just a beginning of the glTF work :) We convert glTF
"naively" to X3D graph now, which means that:

- We "decode" the mesh, instead of directly loading glTF binary chunk into GPU.

- We use traditional X3D (Phong) Matertial, simply using baseColor
from glTF as Phong's diffuse color.

- glTF animations are not handled at all yet.

More stuff to come in 2019!

Regards and happy holidays to all!

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