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This is tremendously interesting work by practitioners at British Museum London UK that would be a great match for Web3D endeavors in cultural and natural heritage.  It is intense to consider linked X3D publication of diverse 3D content for Web visualization, 3D printing, and best practices for metadata in support of semantic search & analysis.  PDF online.


Diana Tanase and Dominic Oldman.

Abstract:  ResearchSpace is an open source platform designed at the British Museum to help establish a community of researchers, where their underlying activities are framed by data sharing, active engagement in formal argumentations, and semantic publishing. Using Semantic Web languages and technologies, the innovations of the system are shaped by a social conceptualisation of the graph-based representation of information. This is employed through integrated semantic components aimed at subject experts. These offer mechanisms to add and create new data, annotate, assert, argue, search, cite, and justify a scholar's research through data enriched narratives. This paper showcases a new onto-epistemological approach that supports researchers to contribute to a growing and sustainable corpus of knowledge that has history, not just provenance, built-in. It describes our considerations in designing for interdisciplinary collaboration, usability and trust in the digital space, highlighted by use cases in archaeology, art history, and history of science.

Keywords:  knowledge graph;  knowledge representation;  cultural heritage;  humanities;  British Museum

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