[x3d-public] X3DJSAIL node.js examples (from broken serializer for ProtoInstance containerField, beware).

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 21:19:29 PDT 2018


Next, perhaps, unless you direct me to specific python project, X3dToES5.xslt.

Well I don’t have a class hierarchy built…I use X3DJSAIL 😊.  The cheap way to go.  I’d like to convert X3DJSAIL to TypeScript and JavaScript, using JSweet, if we can either 1) get source code for dependent jars, like saxon, EXI etc.  2) separate out the code dependent on external jars into another package/jar, built separately.   Think about what’s core the X3DJSAIL, and what’s in an I/O package. (xml creation is core, stylesheets aren’t).  I don’t know if native xslt is portable or not, but it may be worth trying without saxon.

Meanwhile, now we have Nashorn, Java, Node.js and Python versions of X3DJSAIL interface, minus some naming differences and syntax differences.

I believe the Sync’s can be eliminated with java modules configuration, or we can even put Object in there and mean Sync.   But I believe in slim configuration, so they are there.  I can probably create a constant in the Serializer.  I took the approach of eliminating the Object found in the Nashorn code classes.   A similar thing could be done with Nashorn code, but it would further distinguish it from the Java.

Perhaps it’s time to announce Node.js X3DJSAIL, if we have a good writeup.  After we run it through some tests.   Testers, please test.  Thanks!

Let me know if/when you want me to integration the Node.js version with X3DJSAIL.  I know I promised it, but I suspect Python priorities are higher.

Is X3DNJSAIL a good name?

Perhaps now that we have a Node interface, more Node.js programmers will hop on board?  Maybe we’ll convert some Java programmers over to Node.js? 😊


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