[x3d-public] updates to X3D Schema, X3DUOM: refactored names of enumeration lists; X3D JSON schema activity

Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) brutzman at nps.edu
Tue Oct 23 08:31:58 PDT 2018

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Glad to hear you are ready to give JSON another flying tackle, but at present I am focused on:
- XML Schema, X3DUOM and corresponding X3DJSAIL validation of content using that information.  Tricky business.
- Upgrading X3D XML schemas v3.0 thru v3.3 to match once repeated regression testing is complete.

Also in play for me:
- finally got Blender invocation of python scripts responding after many false starts (--help didn't match docs)
-  am upgrading X3DJSAIL capabilities to create image screenshots.

On 10/22/2018 10:04 AM, John Carlson wrote:
> Will look at this when I can, run the JSON schema generator etc. mostly I’ll be looking for changes in the schema, but I will also look at X3DUOM and the schema generator.  It would be good to have a JSON file and whether it should pass schema validation or not.  If there’.s no changes to any JSON scenegraph documents, perhaps my job is already done?

So it is good if you can make progress but am still thinking it is premature because JSON Schema design is still in flux.  Hopefully your improvements will track with their changes later... meanwhile don't be surprised if changes occur.

Another resource has emerged: Altova XML Spy update includes
- XML schema to JSON schema (they are experimenting too)
- interesting way to handle comments in JSON: instead of

	"#Comment" : "X3D JSON draft syntax for comments"
they use
	"#" : "Altova XML default JSON syntax for comments"

So am hoping we can work on things that are more likely to remain stable, such as
-  writing up X3D python syntax,
- creating X3dToPython.xslt by adapting X3dToJava.xslt stylesheet, and
-  creating build scripts for building/testing PyJNIus.

Anyway excerpted details on JSON Schema status follows.  Please see

JSON Schema

The current version is draft-07!
	(January 2018, new editor at work)

JSON Schema is a vocabulary that allows you to annotate and validate JSON documents.

Update as of 9 September 2018

We expect to publish a new round of drafts (Core, Validation, Hyper-Schema, Relative JSON Pointer) before the end of the year. While Hyper-Schema and Relative JSON Pointer are currently expired, they are just as much under active development as Core and Validation (which expire in October).

There are several major PRs that still need to be written for Core and Hyper-Schema. Major changes generally require a minimum two-week review period. Once all major changes are in-place, there is a four-week final review period before publication. For these reasons, the earliest likely date for the next round of drafts is November 2018.

Progress on the next set of Internet-Drafts can be tracked on GitHub. The draft-08 milestone will track the evolving scope of the draft (although see issue #612 for a discussion of whether “draft-08” is the right name for this milestone).
The Path to Standardization

The JSON Schema project intends to shepherd all four draft series to RFC status. Currently, we are continuing to improve our self-published Internet-Drafts. The next step will be to get the drafts adopted by an IETF Working Group. We are actively investigating how to accomplish this.

If you have experience with such things and would like to help, please contact us!

In the meantime, publication of Internet-Draft documents can be tracked through the IETF:

     JSON Schema (core)
     JSON Schema Validation
     JSON Hyper-Schema
     Relative JSON Pointers

Internet-Drafts expire after six months, so our goal is to publish often enough to always have a set of unexpired drafts available. There may be brief gaps as we wrap up each draft and finalize the text.

The intention, particularly for vocabularies such as validation which have been widely implemented, is to remain as compatible as possible from draft to draft. However, these are still drafts, and given a clear enough need validated with the user community, major changes can occur.

all the best, Don
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