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Also please look at the schema and the tables in the Concepts.

Finally, we need reasonable dimensions for each Joint and Site both in the a user code example and also documented in the annex A and annex B tables and schema. 
At this time no need to label the joints and sites.
Especially in the feet, some dimensions are mission for joints and sites

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➢ Okay, what I see of this is that a mapping from CAESAR position index to HAnim position is needed in some table.   I see that the CAESAR link is no longer available?

Yes, the hanim model is demonstrated by using a ‘standard’ set of named and dimensioned reference points given as Joint aad Site objects. The Joint center locations give a ‘typical’ set of measurements when the model is set to the given initial pose, with 0 0 0 between the feet, +y is up, left is +x, facing +z. 

➢ My approach would be to create an HAnim figure with CAESAR position index, name, and HAnim position annotated next to the position index?

Please notice the x3d user code in Annex A that is meant to represent our current v2 model, but is incomplete. 

➢ Perhaps some kind of offset is required in a table?

The goal is to use human scale dimensions, making most easy sharing.
The Joint center data represents skeleton space and the Site location data represent skinspace. 
For me, all works best when skinspace is same as skeletonspace and also matches Humanoidspace which leads to using ‘realistic’ human dimensions as the basis for all these three otherwise mostly independent spaces. 

➢ What table headers and figures are required to be completed?

For now, mainly some locations for a couple of new v2 foot Joint objects and a couple of the sites. I think the most complete documentation is the object model. 

➢ Do we need to generate an X3D HAnim figure from the standard?

The Annex A user code is not complete for the current v2 hanim. A goal at one point was to generate user code for all five LOA definitions, showing Joint center and Site locations for the example dimensions, and an LOA4 model with deformable skin defined by Site objects. And, we do have a couple of animations examples. 

Next, it would e a real advantage to integrate the all new parts of the motion animation part of the standard so that the motion data is shown connected to the ‘standard’ humanoid presented in Part 1. 

Of course all this last part is aimed at showing a human scale model that allows anyone to just give their personal dimensions and do whatever else to create a realistic as possible simulation. 

➢ Thanks,

➢ John

Also Thanks, 

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➢ I’ve got to focus to succeed at anything.

Then why not help by making sure the hanim skeleton, skin, and overall typical anatomical measurements are complete and reasonable for a ‘typical’ ‘standard’ humanoid, as described in the current hanim standard concepts and annex a and annex b?
As you might see the current list is not yet complete and we have not really finished the user code for the proof of the latest list of reference points. Sure, it is just the last few percent of actually getting it updated to the latest, but it needs methodological help that can attend to details and actually maybe synthesize some information to update the schema in the process.
So, the humanoid space, the skeleton space, and skin (site) space and the animation bindings connecting the spaces are very well defined but some incomplete details of measurements and loa hierarchies and maybe some details to show the complete current implementation. This is probably not a browser face-off since all that can do skin can do the complete hanim. This is mainly a matter of discovery of details and coordination for the next update of hanim, probably after the current x3d general update. This can be discussed on the hanim or public list. Just grinding detail work that needs some focus and a sure way to end up being able to demonstrate the entire hanim spec. 

All Best wishes on choosing this as a means to succeed at something, but careful, look out for hanim. Please recall that the entire reason for x3d is to generate a realistic humanistic simulation and the rest is there to provide the interactive environment for that simulation to live, so hanim really needs all the basics and is too much for anyone person and this pass needs a handoff to someone who can finally put these last numbers into the tables and schema for joints and sites to set the more complete stage for the upcoming maybe called ‘organsOtherThanJointsandSkin’ space and ‘individualOrgan’ spaces. And, keeping all united with humanoid space. 

➢ Has anyone visualized weather in X3D?  


Shown first in web as vrml, as I found it. 

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I’d like to focus on geomathematical visualization for any project I pickup now.  Please send projects with those my way (I know Doug Sanden sent me one, I’m going to try to revisit that ).

I’ve got to focus to succeed at anything.

Has anyone visualized weather in X3D?   That would be interesting on a global scale.



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