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Browsers do not support plugins anymore. You can have an add-on, but the 
processing is not the same.

The site (http://shape.cs.princeton.edu/search.html) does not say, but I 
suspect that their database is rather outdated now because they don't 
have recent formats (sketch-up, FBX, glTF). I am not sure that the 
engine would be of much use. The research work they are doing might be, 
but it does not appear to be publicly implemented at this time.

I don't think a scene graph would be a good way to go. The same visual 
model may be represented in significantly different scene graphs. I 
still my original suggestion of keyword and/or image search would be best.

Leonard Daly

> Okay! I am imagining searching by 3D mesh or unnamed shape/volume, I 
> guess.  That is, something that won’t be confused by colors.
> I think the Princeton site will be perfect if I can get it going with 
> Java or OpenJDK.  I am looking for a more up-to-date site, without the 
> dependency of installing Java (and Oracle’s new license). Thus I am 
> looking for an OpenJDK browser plugin for Chrome (or other) on Windows 
> 10. I don’t really want to step down a rabbit hole.
> I’m now guessing I should be looking at either semantic network search 
> or social network search for a potential solution.
> Search by scenegraph?
> John
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> Not sure what you are trying to do here John. All good websites will 
> supply sufficient meta-tags for the model to allow a search by text. 
> If you are trying to find a model based on the look of one you have, 
> try using a screen shot. Google's image search is pretty good.
> Leonard Daly
>     Can someone direct me to a “search by 3d model” engine which
>     doesn’t require java in the browser?  Thanks
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