[x3d-public] Proposal: Language-specific declarative encodings for Java and Python, Call for research into C/C++/C#

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 11:04:05 PDT 2019

In this message, I am proposing 2 new X3D encodings, specifically Python dict and Java Object array encodings.  These provide relatively library type-free  declarative encodings in specific languages, so that authors have a choice to use their own imperative language to specify a compiled scenegraph in a declarative way without type explosion and instead of bringing in an additional non-native language like XML or JSON.   It may be possible to duplicate this feature in C,C# and C++, but that research has not been done to my knowledge. I have converted XML to Java Object arrays and back, so I know that’s feasible.  My understanding of Python dicts is that they are like JSON, so that should be doable as well.

I can generate some “Hello, World” demonstration examples if people are interested.  I will base these new encodings on my DOM (XML for Leonard’s sake) -> JSON converter, DOM2JSONSerializer.js or Python’s DOM API  (If there’s a DOM-like API),  I think, and will be placed under the “X3DLD” banner as I move to more generic loaders than JSON -> DOM.  Specifically, I want to develop loaders independent of JSON but in the same vein as JSON until the X3D JSON is standardized.
Your feedback is welcome!

Also, here is a call for research into C/C#/C++ native declarative encodings (non-SAI).

I propose that I start on the Python dict encoding first.   Should I use JavaScript or Python as a base language?  Can someone point me at Python DOM?  Thanks!

I also propose that X3DJSAIL+converters be extended to produce these 2 encodings after a Proof-of-Concept is created in JavaScript or Python.

Someone who wants to create a renderer for these encodings would be a welcome member to team.

Wishing you a SAI-free life,

John Carlson

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