[x3d-public] Summary of Meeting of 2/7/2020

Richard F. Puk puk at igraphics.com
Fri Feb 7 09:14:37 PST 2020

Hi -


Please excuse the brevity of these minutes as I did not have edit capability
for the Google Doc agenda.


The attendees were:  Doug Sanden, Dick Puk, Vince Marchetti, and Christophe


Vince had to leave early to deal with a weather related problem so it was
only Doug and Dick on most of the call with Christophe joining near the end.


Doug and Dick discussed several topics including:


.         Multi-touch sensors and how to implement when only a mouse is

.         Kiosk mode where there is no keyboard available

.         A GeoConvert node that allows converting geocoordinates to world
coordinates and back

.         The enhanced geospatial component that allows non-Earth Spatial
Reference Frames


Doug has agreed to send to the X3D WG a description of his ideas for the
above topics so that they can be reviewed by the entire working group.


After Christophe joined we spent a short amount of time discussing
"Turntable" navigation mode and where it has been implemented.


n  Dick



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