[x3d-public] working on JavaScript SAI example, without an SAI

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 13:40:05 PST 2020

Ant build script (All found on X3D sourceforge project):


(recommend "all" target). In that folder, run

ant all to compile and run the test, but first, look at hand generated

Example for those creating the node.js SAI library: (very buggy)

Code that ultimately needs work:


Does this look like a good style in the examples file?
Does the style match the standard JavaScript SAI?
What is needed to standardize JavaScript SAI for X3Dv4?
How fast can we get a Hello World roundtrip working?

This is primarily a build integration release.  Please integrate the
build.xml all target with the stylesheets build.xml.  Thanks, Don!

Don, I see your way ahead of me, integrating this into everything.

Can someone point me at a working JavaScript SAI?


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