[x3d-public] Pull request to X3D 4.0 to add PBR, and other improvements - merged!

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Fri Jul 10 05:24:21 PDT 2020

Congrats - well done Michalis, a great improvement for web3d specs
implementers and end users will love, and a new benchmark for how to
do the complete thing on a complex topic!

On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 4:01 AM Michalis Kamburelis
<michalis.kambi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm very happy to announce that my PR to introduce
> - PhysicalMaterial,
> - UnlitMaterial,
> - lots of (Phong) Material upgrades,
> - consistent RGB/grayscale texture treatment,
> - Appearance.backMaterial (and deprecation of TwoSidedMaterial)
> ... is now merged into the "master" branch of the X3D 4.0 specification. So it is very much on its way to the soon-to-be-published X3D 4.0 public draft. And then to X3D 4.0 official release, after (I hope!) countless people will review it and point out all the errors I did :)
> Companion documents / tests:
> 1. My summary of these changes on the page https://github.com/michaliskambi/x3d-tests/wiki/X3D-version-4:-New-features-of-materials,-lights-and-textures is (and will be) still accurate. So feel free to refer people to this document for a "short high-level overview" of the changes.
> 2. Test files for this feature are in the https://github.com/michaliskambi/x3d-tests repository, in pbr/ subdirectory. I plan to work on them more -- add some more, add reference screenshots, add XML encoding versions etc.
> 3. Almost all specified things are implemented in Castle Game Engine / view3dscene. https://castle-engine.io/view3dscene.php . In most cases, the reference screenshots will be just a screenshot from view3dscene.
> And a reminder about my "companion" documents:
> 4. The reasoning behind various decisions in the PBR specification is on https://github.com/michaliskambi/x3d-tests/wiki/How-to-add-PBR-to-X3D%3F .
> 5. The documentation on how various glTF concepts map to X3D, and how Castle Game Engine does it, is on https://github.com/michaliskambi/x3d-tests/wiki/Converting-glTF-to-X3D .
> All those documents are maintained and will be kept up-to-date.
> Best regards,
> Michalis
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