[x3d-public] x3dom prototypes, extern proto

J. Scheurich mufti11 at web.de
Mon Jul 13 11:45:43 PDT 2020

> The other issue is the kurve_benz.wrl uses 2 scripts which are not
> supported. How critical are those for testing ?
These scriots are used to move some viewpoints in a special way,
they are not so important.
>   What is the best way
> to remove them ?:

Just click to the Script-Icon in white-dune and  use "Edit->delete".
This will also delete the matching ROUTEs.

> Loading file: 'https://wdune.ourproject.org/examples/vrml_benz/kurve_benz_maximum.wrl'
> WARNING: Could not find definition of EXTERNPROTO called
> karosserie_trajektorie_proto in file
> https:///wdune.ourproject.org/examples/vrml_benz/karosserie_trajektorie.wrl
> WARNING: Could not load any of the URL's defined by Inline node
> starting with URL
> "https:///wdune.ourproject.org/examples/vrml_benz/kurve_benz.wrl"
Sorry, error,that is not detected by white_dune  8-(

Just delete the matching Inline/EXTERNPROTO.in a Text Editor 8-(

> view3dscene 3.19 had 4 warnings:
> X3D: Error ESocketError when loading inline file from URL
> "https:///wdune.ourproject.org/examples/vrml_benz/kurve_benz.wrl":
> Connection to :443 timed out.
> VRML/X3D: Cannot load external prototype from URL
> "https:///wdune.ourproject.org/examples/vrml_benz/karosserie_trajektorie.wrl":
> Connection to :443 timed out.
> VRML/X3D: External prototype "karosserie_trajektorie_proto" cannot be
> loaded, so cannot instantiate nodes using it
> VRML/X3D: Node "karosserie_trajektorie_proto" is not allowed at the
> top level of the X3D file

same error...

> Scene URL: "http://wdune.ourproject.org/examples/vrml_benz/kurve_benz_maximum.wrl".
> Use "File->View Warnings" menu to view these warnings again.
> I think first it would be necessary to make sure the scene works with
> another browser, perhaps only a matter of making the scene local.

X_ITE can run


so long

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