[x3d-public] XSLT with text as entities that contain entities

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 17:19:44 PDT 2021

So I’ve been considering how to make a single Xslt file which will produce
X3DJSAIL, X3DPSAIL, autoclass files for foreign type interfaces, schemas,
fieldTypes.js, mapToMethod.js, c,c++,c#, etc.   what I’ve figured out so
far is we can put entities inside the stylesheet for portability and for
different orderings, we can put entities inside entity definitions.   The
first step is to translate the text in one of the stylesheets to entities,
then put the entities and the text into a DTD file.   Then we can translate
the entity strings in the DTD file to a different language in another DTD
file, possibly using other entities for different orderings in entity

After that, we can tackle the X3dToFoo.xslt code pile similarly.

We can also generate target stylesheets with an entity resolver.

In my serializers, I may be able to use something like gettext() to achieve
different target languages.
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