[x3d-public] Mantis? No SceneGraphStructureStatement AbstractNodeType present in old X3D3 versions, X3DUOM

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 14:09:43 PDT 2021

I'm still having to back out updates to X3DUOM:

$ grep SceneGraphStructureStatement X3dUnifiedObjectModel*|sort -u
X3dUnifiedObjectModel-3.0.xml:            <Inheritance 
X3dUnifiedObjectModel-3.1.xml:            <Inheritance 
X3dUnifiedObjectModel-3.2.xml:            <Inheritance 
X3dUnifiedObjectModel-3.3.xml:            <Inheritance 

Here's what's in the old X3D3 versions, but not 4.0:

       <AbstractNodeType name="SceneGraphStructureStatement">
appinfo="SceneGraphStructureStatement is a marker interface that 
identifies statements relating to nonrenderable scene graph structure. 
SceneGraphStructureStatement does not extend from any other node type 
since it is not an explicit part of the X3D node interface hierarchy, 
and DEF/USE is not appropriate for such statements.">
             <componentInfo name="Core" level="1"/>
             <field name="class"
                    description="The class attribute on each X3D node 
and statement is a space-separated list of classes, reserved for use by 
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and XML stylesheets."/>

I am proceeding to delete the Inheritance nodes from my  versions 3 
X3DUOM. There are some "AdditionalInheritance" elements that may need to 
be converted over to "Inheritance."

If you want me to proceed with updating X3DUOM and AdditionalInheritance 
on sourceforge.net, let me know, but that's treading on unknown 
territory for me, updating the stuff that creates X3DUOM.  I assume this 
means updating XML schema versions 3.  Is there a Mantis issue yet? I am 
capable of filing one, I hope.

I am not currently testing anything that uses X3DUOM besides my own 
stuff. Mostly, I am just trying to get the JSON schema working.



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