[x3d-public] want to help update/upgrade scripts in my PlayCanvas project?

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 07:29:24 PST 2021

I need help modifying my scripts in my PlayCanvas project, because if I 
don't, the admins will make the project readonly.

I only found out about the plan today.

I cannot muster the solitary gusto to modify the scripts, but I welcome 
some collaborators for gaining steam.  (I have flu/pneumonia as well).

It's a very simple program, with a single model in the middle of the 
page and several cameras, switching models, switching skyboxes, and 
using W,A,S,D,space and arrows as input.

It would be a good project to learn a web based authoring system/engine, 
if anyone wants too. It was the first web based 3D animation authoring 
system that I found, and it seems quite excellent for simple 
stuff--provides easy entry point compared to Blender.  It imports 
Blender FBX files and converts them to a JSON format, I believe.

The code is here:  https://playcanvas.com/project/370389/code Let me 
know if you're trying to access and can't.  I think it's public.

If someone wants to turn this into a raytracing/PBR project, let's go 
for it, but my system doesn't do RTX, I have a GTX980.

Here's a live demo:


It looks like a fairly simple port, getting rid of constructors and 
setting additional variables in an initialize function.

X3DOM also has an web-based authoring system.


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