[x3d-public] NppX3D Update, opinions please

jordircardona at yahoo.com jordircardona at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 18 01:15:26 PST 2021

Following Don's suggestions, and after the conversation with him, I made and update to NppX3D. Don had a really great idea of using the xml file for X3dUnifiedObjectModel-4.0 as a source for automating the generation of syntax files for Notepad++ in my project.
I know little of xlst and probably this may be done direclty using xlst. But it may require a lot of time to guess and process all the differences between nodes.But Python has nice commands for processing text (almost the only thing I like about Python). So I managed to use "XML Copy Editor" for running some xpath commands, so I got some lists of fields and nodes. Then I did a Python scripts that clean those lists, and another two that create the autoCompletion and syntax files.

Now I can do similar things for creating the syntax for Vim and Ultra Edit, and may have them ready in the next weeks.
Thank you very much Don for this idea!  The new files can be downloaded from sourceForge, here:

Named "NppX3D V4 beta.zip"
If anyone tests it, please tell:- If you find there is something missing in the fields or nodes or any other important keyword- If you like the colors of the syntax highlighter. Suggest another one- Any errors
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