[x3d-public] How is a shader chosen in X_ITE? Looks like it works (at least at first, and then disappears?)

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 20:49:03 PDT 2021

X_ITE has disappearing problems with


The included ../data/bubbles.x3d should be cross-platform--potentially 
any X3D browser, but only X3DOM and X_ITE are supported.  Please try 
yours and contribute fixes!

Problems: scene and geometry show up initially, then disappear, or don't 
appear at all. I will try removing X3DOM shaders to see what happens.

There's a small "flower" in the middle of the bubble in Chromium on 
Linux, which seems to indicated that a fragment shader got invoked which 
is returns white frag_color. If associated vertex shader doesn't load, I 
don't think the fragment shader shouldn't, IMO, but others can weigh 
in.  Others can report seeing this?

I will try to go over the shaders with a fine-tooth comb tomorrow.

I'll also run the XML file through validators!


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