[x3d-public] Refractive Materials in X3D examples archives?

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 22:07:28 PDT 2021

I was *_looking for examples that had Index Of Refraction for Chromatic 

Tests mostly started from Firefox.  Let's say I'm extremely tired.  I am 
seeing all kinds of behavior which I don't know is real or not.

This loads fine and clicks into rotating text:


The below one works, but when you click on text, FreeWRL doesn't launch 
on Linux first time (user error?), second time launch works, and shows 
just a red sphere, and launching .x3d file from Dolphin below works 
perfect, even from Firefox to FreeWRL. First view3dscene launch shows 
red sphere with green lines behind.  I started view3dscene again, and 
the sphere was white.  Launching view3dscene from terminal em works 
perfect. Attached view3dscene console from second try. Sphere comes from 
so there's different click behavior if one is launching from a web page 
than if you run the ReflectiveMaterial.x3d from Dolphin or terminal (as 
far as I can tell).


This displays text, clicking text does nothing:


Titania on .x3d file below.


Launching into Titania failed with:

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