[x3d-public] MultiTextureTeapot example using X3D3.3

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Tue Jun 1 14:44:09 PDT 2021

["we're having fun now..."]

On 5/27/2021 2:42 PM, Michalis Kamburelis wrote:
> Cool!
> 1. Note that for creating reflective curvy (non-flat) surfaces, I
> would advise to not use spherical mapping
> (TextureCoordinateGenerator.mode='COORD-EYE') in most cases.
>      Instead use cubemaps
> (TextureCoordinateGenerator.mode='CAMERASPACEREFLECTIONVECTOR' in any
> X3D browser

now changed

> or even better
> TextureCoordinateGenerator.mode='WORLDSPACEREFLECTIONVECTOR' specific
> in CGE).

Wondering if this should be proposed for X3D4?  Not seeing it at

[1] X3D Architecture, 18.4.8 TextureCoordinateGenerator

Looks like you have a lot of proposed extensions at

[2] Texturing component - extensions

Wondering how much of this is aligned with glTF, in your estimation?

Please consider proposing extensions to existing nodes in X3D4.

> Cubemaps are easier to generate with many tools (including
> CGE itself and Blender), you also have an option to let X3D browser to
> make it by "GeneratedCubeMap". The description of the setup is on
> https://castle-engine.io/x3d_implementation_cubemaptexturing.php ,
> "Tutorial: How to make a mirror". The general idea is similar, you
> just use a different "TextureCoordinateGenerator.mode" and need a
> different texture.
> 2. Note that in Castle Game Engine and Instant Reality you can also
> use "Teapot" node (thus you don't need to provide teapot geometry
> explicitly in "IndexedFaceSet"). Admittedly this was just done as it
> was trivial to do within CGE, I would never propose to make this
> primitive type standard (way too obscure usage) :)

well, I like it too!  and Blender has the Suzanne monkey.  and having non-trivial geometry is important when looking at texture and lighting effects.  so I will work on adding a teapot to simple display options in X3D-Edit Material customizer.  Additional geometry suggestions/contributions are always welcome.

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[4] X3D Example Archives: X3D4AM, X3D for Advanced Modeling, Geometric Shapes, Teapot

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> Regards,
> Michalis
> czw., 27 maj 2021 o 17:26 Don Brutzman <brutzman at nps.edu> napisał(a):
>> Interesting new example with magnificent rendering is now published, adapting work by Michalis Kamburelis and contributed by Rick Lentz, authored using X3D-Edit 4.0 beta.  Screenshot of examples index page attached.
all the best, Don
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