[x3d-public] Files I would like to get running!

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 19:38:08 PDT 2021

If you think the below links are working, revisit the page.

Very confusing.

Also try chrome vs firefox, for example.

Perhaps Linux is not the best development environment for X3D? I'm 
wondering at this point...


On 6/14/21 9:29 PM, John Carlson wrote:
> https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/src/main/html/prototypes.html
> https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/src/main/html/flipper.html
> https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/src/main/html/flowers2.html
> This may be a key call in each:
> load_X_ITE_DOM(...)
> John

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