[x3d-public] Wishlist: X3DUOM visualization

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 10:37:09 PDT 2021

I'm trying to achieve a 2D, 3D or 4D visualization of the X3DUOM.

$ grep public.*get 

     public SimpleTypeEnumerations getSimpleTypeEnumerations() {
     public FieldTypes getFieldTypes() {
     public AbstractObjectTypes getAbstractObjectTypes() {
     public AbstractNodeTypes getAbstractNodeTypes() {
     public ConcreteNodes getConcreteNodes() {
     public Statements getStatements() {
     public String getVersion() {

Wanted:  Someone to take this class and create a visualization of an 
instantiation of the class.   Use the X3DUnifiedObjectModel40.java to 
instantiate the 4.0 version of X3DUOM, then "marshall" out (with the get 
methods) the 4.0 version of the X3DUOM to MVC view code (possibly using 
an X3D encoding) and display.

Right now, I'm thinking of 5-6 X3D superstores where you can shop for 
objects in each returned collection.

Right now, I'm grepping/searching/editing the X3DUOM as a file. As I 
don't have XMLSpy, I could see an extension of X3D-Edit as an option.   
Can we use X3D-Edit 4 to edit the X3DUOM, not unlike how we can 
currently edit an X3D encoded file?

What's the best way to browse the X3DUOM besides the specification?

Gonna google 3D specification.



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