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Can we get/make glTF(s) from some x3d hanim examples? 
Example ‘standard’ humanoid model data and animations encoded in both styles? 
That is, we have a curated x3d hanim ‘standard’ skeleton and skin with interpolator animations example and I would really like to see how to use the best of both data styles as an example deliverable. 

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5. glTF examples

We'd like to offer more examples of glTF with X3D4 for display, demonstration, and implementation efforts.

Following the recent Mars rover landing, I generated an interactive map with an animated glTF rover model:


I am sharing it on an amateur but high level online forum:


In addition to the glTF inline, there are Protos, and some dom integration of HUD functionality and buttons.

For more public, non-specialist scenes, it is more important to guide the experience. I found x3dom options to restrict keyboard and mouse navigation especially useful. X3D may consider such more fine grained controls on top of the navigation modes. It may mean recommending additional navigation modes in the spec. such as onlyPAN, onlyZOOM, PANZOOM etc., or have a modifier to existing modes such as mode="-rotate" which would disable rotation.  Browser are allowed to have such nonstandard navigation modes but I think it may make sense to standardize them. A question for the UI working group.

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