[x3d-public] JSON parsing X3D archive, XML issues, Savage

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sun May 23 22:43:37 PDT 2021

  Savage issues.  LimitedObjectiveExperimentPortHuenemeDIS.json:

Missing commas in @type array. Likely issue with X3dToJson.xslt or XML

         { "NavigationInfo":

               "@type":["EXAMINE" "FLY" "ANY"],


Similar with:  LimitedObjectiveExperimentPortHueneme.json

Note: XML missing outer quotes:

LimitedObjectiveExperimentPortHuenemeDIS.x3d: <NavigationInfo speed='10' 
type='EXAMINE" "FLY" "ANY' visibilityLimit='30000'/>
LimitedObjectiveExperimentPortHueneme.x3d:    <NavigationInfo 
avatarSize='2 1.6 .75' speed='10' type='EXAMINE" "FLY" "ANY' 

PanamaCityGeo.x3d:    <NavigationInfo speed='10' type='FLY" "EXAMINE" 
"ANY' visibilityLimit='2254678.4'/>

SphericalMinePrototype.x3d:    <NavigationInfo DEF='NAVIGATION' 
speed='20' type='WALK" "EXAMINE" "ANY'/>

It appears that the above XML files are the issue.



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