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When trying to do a startup delay timer, I didn't find a match in the nist

in the specs,

the first diagram shows loop false, stoptime less than or equal startime
- it should ignore stoptime and use cycleInterval
The closest match I could find in nist examples:
- nist comment for this scene:
"The result is: Because loop is false, a red Sphere geometry should NOT
move from right to center to left and back to center one time when the
world is loaded."
- and all browsers conform to nist comment that it doesn't animate on
?? To me it looks like all web3d browsers are failing the first specs
diagram (and passing the NIST test). If we honored the first diagram, then
I could do a startup delay loop=false, stopTime=- 0, startTime=0,
cycleInterval=2 to get a 2 second isActive on startup
Q1. does the nist example stopeqstartloopfalse or stopltstartloopfalse
comment 'there should be no startup animation' match Component Time >
Activation Figure 8.1 top diagram of loop false, starttime .gt. stoptime?
Q. how to do a delay: one-time event x seconds after scene load?
Thanks, Doug Sanden
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